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The Importance of Communicating with Shareholders

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Communicating with shareholders is something that every great business needs to remember to do effectively and often. Without communicating to the shareholders, you not only risk consequences but it can also negatively affect future investments and also your current ones.

Investors have a right to know how the business is going, if you have any ideas to help boost profit, or if something is going wrong and you want to make everyone aware of what you plan on doing to fix it. Regardless of the reasoning, communicating with shareholders is something all businesses, especially public companies, need to remember to do. Public companies are usually only able to go public because of investors in the first place, and once you allow more people to invest their money into it the value of communication only increases. Keep that in mind the next time something big is happening as it could be lessened by just communicating to everyone across the board.

Shareholders represent people that took a leap of faith and decided you had an idea worth investing in. Without them, you would have no business and the company would probably still just be an idea. Think of communicating with them as something bad happening to you but could have been prevented if only you were warned. This is why communication is key; everyone wins and there is virtually no con in keeping your shareholders in the loop. At the end of the day, everyone has the same goal and wants the same thing. If you remember that, communication will ultimately never be an issue.

What is interesting about public companies is just because they have gone public it does not mean they have to technically tell everyone anything. The shareholders on the board will need to know what is going on but that is essentially it. However, some companies value the mindset of transparency and are sure to keep everyone in the loop no matter who you are. This works for some people, and does not work for others, but no matter what you decide on it is important to always remember that effective communication can be just as useful as buying a lot of stocks in a company to help boost profit. Keep that in mind the next time you are thinking of investing in a company, or even wanting to know more about investor relations, as nothing is more important in the world of communication than the relationship between a company and its shareholders.

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2 Reasons Why Your Micro Cap Company Needs Synergy

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Do you own or manage a micro cap company and need increased awareness for funding?

Here are a couple of ways your micro cap company can benefit from stock promotion.


Raise Money With Little Effort

The biggest problem faced by micro cap companies in the process of raising capital is that their business operations end up taking a toll. This is of course because small teams don’t have the time or the means to devote to maintaining everyday workings of a business while also doing everything they can to bring in a steady stream of capital. What do you do when you can’t juggle both? You turn to Synergy because we can help you get the recognition you deserve! By trusting us to communicate with your investors and reach a very large audience you will be able to better focus on growing your company and/or better serving your customers, clients or partners.


Gives You A Competitive Edge

Another reason why your micro cap company needs a promotion is because it will allow you to get a competitive edge over those large investment firms that have nearly swallowed the market. While most big stock promotion companies typically only work for large Wall Street companies, there are plenty of stock promoters who are experienced when it comes to designing advertisement campaigns that cater specifically to small companies trying to attract investors or obtain awareness and recognition. Our campaigns are created to meet the needs of micro cap companies.


If you are interested in seeing what we can do for your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.